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Install or uninstall VLC Media

Install or uninstall VLC Media Player

VLC is a useful media player not because it plays the video or audio files stored in your computer, but because it is free and is compatible on various other platforms. You can directly stream video or even audios online which includes online radio and various podcast. It also gives you the option to download the file to your local disk.

Unlike Windows Media Player, it also provides you the option to check the song title and the artist’s name currently playing on an online radio channel. It’s an added advantage for all the VLC Media Player users letting you stream your videos online through IP6 plugin.

However, in spite of having so many features, there are some common problems too, that you may face with the VLC in the course of use. Installing or Uninstalling VLC Media is one of those common problems you may encounter.

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Although there might be several reasons for the issue you are facing. For the sake of discussion and understanding the clear picture of the problem, let’s take a look at the reasons that are causing the problem.

  • If the registry file of the system is corrupted then you might face this issue. As a result,  when you try to Uninstall VLC Media you may face this issue.
  • Sometimes after downloading the software you may face the application is not installing, that might be because some of the components are missing in the file. As a result, you may face failed Install VLC Media.
  • Another case could be of virus attack. If the system is corrupted by virus then this problem won’t be an alien to you.   

As a matter of fact, there could be a number of reasons for which you are facing this issue. But, these are the most common technical reasons, fortunately, this is not something hard to resolve. You can try these easy fixes to fix it on your own.

  • You can fix the registry files to complete the uninstallation process. To perform the task you can go to the system registry file and find the VLC file there and search for any missing file.
  • If any component of the file is missing then as a last resource you need to redownload the file. But, this time verify the site you are using to download the software.
  • If you are already using an antivirus software then you can run a full system scan for any potential threat. In case you are not using any, you need to install a security software and then perform the full system scan. It will resolve the issues.

In case if you are still facing the issue, you can connect with VLC Media Player Customer Support expert individuals and get the solution instantly. To get in touch with our expert professionals dial our toll-free VLC Media Customer Service Number +1-888-728-6034.

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